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Handmade Rainbow Grafted False Eyelashes

Handmade Rainbow Grafted False Eyelashes

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Introducing our densely packed eyelashes, made with high-quality silk protein material in a beautiful rainbow color. These eyelashes are designed for use on the eyes, with a length of 10mm and a thickness of 0.10.

Our eyelashes are easy to wear and graft, with a soft silk body that provides a comfortable and natural look. Your customers will not feel any discomfort or irritation after wearing these eyelashes, as they blend seamlessly with their own natural eyelashes.

Our densely packed eyelashes are perfect for creating a natural, yet dramatic look. They are suitable for both personal and professional use, and are a must-have for any makeup artist or beauty enthusiast.

Experience the comfort and natural look of our densely packed eyelashes today. Your customers will love the results and keep coming back for more!

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